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Dual Ring Daddy and Ring Daddy Caddy


Just plain fun at home or anywhere you want to play hook a ring on a tabletop.

Call it what you want Bimini Ring Game, Tiki Toss, Hook and Ring who really knows. It is an exciting game that has been played for years in bars and on islands the world over.

Increase profits while having fun with The Ring Daddy Caddy. 

Flag Down, Happy Customers, no need to stop by. Saves time.
Flag Up, Needy Customers, please check on them.
Condiments all in one place.
Table Dirty? Grab flag pole and move everything for easy clean up.
Keep customers entertained while waiting by playing "Hook and Ring"
We can make them special for you, so it holds your condiments etc. Contact us for details.

Assembly Instructions 

Click here to watch the video for assembly instructions.


One hook will need to be added. Sometimes a little supper glue is good to keep it in place.

If you are going to leave it set up glue will secure the cross pieces instead of a rubber band. 

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