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Hook 'Em and Win Tournaments bring people together for fun friendly competition.

You can join the fun by hosting your own or find an establishment hosting a tournament and play.

We will have 4 tournaments a year starting this summer.

Each player receives 10 points for entering a tournament.  Each player can accumulate points at any tournament they enter.

Points will be reset at the beginning of a new tournament and at the completion of all four a grand prize will be awarded to the overall high scoring player. 

Summer Tournament June 21, 2023-September 22, 2023

Fall Tournament September 23,2023-December 21, 2023

Winter Tournament December 22,2023-March 20,2024

Spring Tournament March 19,2024-June 20,2024

First Place: Wins 50% of pot and 40 points.

2nd Place: Wins 20% of pot and 30 points.

3rd Place: Wins a Dual Ring Daddy, cause you need the practice! And 20 points.

Pot is the total entry fees.

Entry fee $15.00

The top 3 overall point winners after June 2024 will be awarded with a prize.

Current Standings

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Tournament Host

Buzzed Viking Concord   Buzzed Viking Locust

Cabarrus Brewing Company


Double elimination play. Even if you lose, you can still win.

Brackets determined by drawing names from the can.

The Dual Ring Daddy with Dual Shot Ladders will be used for tournaments.

Object: Move the peg off the shot ladder to the opponents side.

Start with the peg on the right side closest to you. Each time a player hooks the ring the peg is moved 1 spot closer to the opponent. The first one to move the peg off the board is the winner for that round.

The ring must be released before an invisible line that goes straight down from where the chain is attached to the cross bar to the base.

If a player hooks on top this is a automatic win.

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