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Mark: a creator, licensed pilot, NASCAR watcher, Mr. Fix-It, adventure enthusiast, Partner of Cardinal Aviation, and now Cardinal Toys. 

Mark is the creator of The Q Flip, as well as the manufacturer.  He takes pride in his work.

Donna: puzzle solver, bookkeeper, grandchild lover, USO volunteer, geocache searcher, Partner of Cardinal Aviation and Cardinal Toys.

Donna is the brains behind the creative design and sales of The Q Flip.

The Q Flip was born after Mark and some friends got into trouble in bar a long time ago skillfully bouncing quarters into a glass.  Mark realized he could take a simple idea, expand it, and make a unique product.

Creating the “flipper” allowed Mark to launch the quarter, keeping his table free from damage from quarters bouncing all over it.  The Q Flip was born. 

Mark and Donna are an unstoppable team.  Located in Matthews NC, all materials that are shipped are made in the USA and handmade with care. .

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