Tournament Information

Purchase our tournament kit for $100.00  and raise money for your favorite charity or yourself.

Our tournament kit includes:

4 Q Flip Games valued at $120.00.

Signup sheets, Sign up slips, Score Sheets, Brackets for 4-16 players. 

We will add your tournament to our events page. 

The Q Flip Tournament Guide

Materials needed

        Signup sheet with Names email and donation amount

        Sign up slips approximately ½” x 4”

        Score Sheets for each player

        2 coffee cans labeled

“Registered Players”

“Entry Fees and Donations”

At least 1 Q Flip Game

Brackets get them at

        4-16 Teams in folder

        Stop watch if timed tournament

Items to do before event

        List your event in FB and list The Q Flip as cohost.

This will help people find it who go to our webpage and click on events.

Contact local media media to promote event

Sign up table setup

        Have cans, signup sheet and signup slips out.

Have each player put name and email address on signup sheet and money in Entry Fee can.

Have each player put name on signup slip and put it in the Registered Players can.

Give each player a score sheet.

After all players have signed up, pick the bracket that has the number of players you have.

Draw names out of the registration can. The first name will go in bracket 1) the second will go in bracket 1) the third name will go in bracket 2) the forth will go in bracket 2) and so on.

Q Flip tournaments can be run two methods timed or score.

Rules common to both methods.

Each player needs a “trusted” person to count shots. In the hole is 3 points. On the board after contact with the backboard is 1 point and hangers are 1 point.

Players can bring and use their own game if they want. However, it must be an official Q Flip game. 

Timed method:

Each player gets 1 minute or whatever you decide. The player with the highest score at the end moves to the next bracket. It’s your option, they can have a 30 - 60 second practice session or not.

Pro: predictable finish time.

Con: Kinda rushed, players don’t have time to hang out purchasing product or whatever.

Score method:

Like cornhole each player gets 4 shots per turn. The first player to score 21 or more points is the winner.

Pro: More time between brackets giving players time to hang out socialize buy product etc.

Con: 2 players who have scoring challenges could hang the bracket.

Interested? Contact us.