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We have found support groups to be a little tricky.
They are something that is needed however for us most seem to keep people running around in circles.
The goal of The Markus Project is to:
To provide resources and information for parents who have lost a child so they can find ways to live again.
Heroes In Grief Podcast
A group to network and receive support for anyone dealing with grief. A safe place to have your grief witnessed, connect with others and share resources etc. If you are not associated with Western New York you are still welcome if you feel this will be beneficial for you. This is not a counseling group. It is a peer to peer group meant to be a safe place to share things about our grief.
Parents Who Have Lost a Teenager or Adult Child

Bereaved Parents of the USAThe Compassionate FriendsBereaved Survivors Of Suicide Isle Of Man

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My son passed 1/6/24
Looking for help with grieving process

Kelli DuBe

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