Thanks Roger

Thanks Roger

Thanks Roger

My life has had roughly 20-year segments of great triumph and tragedy which led to the next being even better than the previous.

Roger you were instrumental in turning the first into triumph. The lessons you taught me carried on through the other segments and this segment, the fourth, will be the best yet because of the influence and lessons taught from the first. 

Around 1975 you found me a kid who was lost and defeated sitting by the runway watching an airplane do touch and goes. 

Turns out you were the pilot and invited me to ride with you.

On March 4, 1976, you gave me my first lesson in Luscombe N77842. We had six more after that and the knowledge I learned served me very well in my aviation career. 

After that you helped me figure out how to work the system and ride my bicycle back from Charleston, WV to Waxhaw solo.

You helped me figure out how to work the system and fly my model airplanes on the runway after being shut down by the ruling body planting trees where I was flying.

You helped me set school records in the 880, mile and 2 mile.

You helped me refocus my energies from the defeat of leaving a system where I was on the way to setting a world record in the mile to becoming the youngest missionary pilot ever.

I entered segment 2 when I had philosophical questions about what was being accomplished by Bible translation.

The lessons you taught me served me well when I decided to become a millionaire in General Aviation without a college degree. I accomplished that and more.

I entered segment 3 when my son was in a “fatal” car accident and all my material accomplishments disappeared, relationships with the current wife and my family pretty much ended.

Segment 4 is going to be the greatest ever.  I look forward to using the knowledge you shared with me in segment 1 and your spirit guiding me to yet another great discovery because of my philosophical questions.

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