What are ParAngels?

What are ParAngels?

ParAngels are Parents of Angels

ParAngels are parents of children who have transcended from the physical body, into pure beautiful energy and show up as an ongoing presence proving that death might be a little different than believed and taught.

ParAngels are parents who have unwillingly and without their consent been initiated into a secret society where they may see and feel things that are contrary to culture and religion.

ParAngels is replacement for the term “bereaved parent,” reflecting an awareness that the light of the soul cannot be extinguished.

Other ParAngels can help in the healing process while gaining a understanding of how God really works.
As one begins the healing journey after a child transcends, it is the child in pure energy who is the angel.
It is knowing that their wings are still working, just in a different form not normally accepted by society and religion.
Moment by moment, thanks to the unmistakable signs from our angels, undeniable synchronicities, and support from other ParAngels, we begin to feel the light within ourselves once again.
With the help of our angels who are here with us in pure energy, we begin to serve as guides for those new to the journey, and our child rejoices in our healing.
The light of the soul may grow dim temporarily as we face life’s inevitable challenges, but that spark never goes out. Our Angels know each other, and they know us.

May we celebrate the eternal life we all share either in the physical or in pure energy.

The ParAngel logo is a sugar skull with The Rose Bush on the forehead. It is a way for parents whose child is now pure energy to identify each other in a crowd.

The ParAngel lapel pin is available at www.Cardinaltoys.com

ParAngels can educate the general public and help this logo become recognizable world-wide as a way to recognize and connect with other Parangels.

Feel free to copy, save, and use the ParAngel Logo in correspondence, social media, and wherever appropriate.

ParAngels is a word Donna Howell derived from Pangels which was co-founded in 2021 by Michelle Rosoff  & Traci Watson, two women who were brought together through the heartache and struggles of learning to live without their child.

ParAngel Logo Parents of Angels The Markus Project

An angel is a class of spiritual being, a celestial attendant of God.

Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.

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