The Grief Industry Observations

The Grief Industry Observations

When Markus transitioned on November 4th of 2000 everything in my world and mind went nuts.

On the one hand it was like he just changed forms.

On the other hand, I had a challenging time understanding because of my belief system.

Markus’s mom and I found a well-trained caring Certified Grief Counselor who had a huge loving heart. However, she had never had kids let alone have one transition.

This led us to a psychic medium who I thought at first was well meaning and the connection to Markus.

Between the two of them, along with input from well meaning family and friends I now understand we got caught up in the well-organized Grief Vampire industry which I believe some well-meaning people are inadvertently part of. Others know exactly what they are doing. Playing people at their most vulnerable for control and financial profit.

When Markus commissioned Corey to complete The Rose and send it to us it verified that Markus had in fact just changed forms.

Those involved with The Markus Project want to help parents and others find their own path to healing, acceptance, and awareness.

If you scroll down to the main page of The Markus Project you will find resources for healing, acceptance, and awareness. We are adding more as we find, and time allows.

We have taken The Rose out about 35 times. The response has been so very fascinating. For some it is a life changing, thought provoking inspiration. For others it is not even there.

Below are a few emails and correspondence between me and some of the folks in the Grief Vampire business.

Somehow we need to co-create a better method to heal and live again, some maybe even for the first time. Scroll down on the main page of The Markus Project for a few ideas so far.

It seemed weird to us because the Certified Grief Counselors, and others in that line of work seem to want The Rose to go away never to be seen again.

I first reached out to Kinder Mourn, see email below.

Later we found several groups in the business of helping parents heal. All seem to have the same theme, however via Dr Schwartz we became involved with Helping Parents Heal.

So, I decided to ask questions of the leaders in Helping Parents Heal.

On April 29, 2024, I asked the following people eight questions.

Kelly Worth, Elizabeth Boisson, Dr Mark Pitstick and Dr Gary Schwartz via Jennifer L Horner.

I thought rather simple questions, since I have been banned from the Main Helping Parents Heal Facebook group.

Below I simplified the back-and-forth email confusion.

What Is A Shining Light Parent?  is a very empowering document by Suzanne Giesemann

Does this bother you? It does me.
Nine of the Psychics listed on HPH resource page are also listed on a page called The Best Psychic Directory. There is a button for instant readings for $7.99 a minute.
Mark Edward discusses the tricks to making millions off of people with this technique.
This link is to a chat by Susan Gerbic 7:10 and 18:00 minutes are mind bending.
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